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Short Sales Will Increase Dramatically in 2012

Shortsales are here to stay and we can help!

Our recent experiences with banks have been mostly favorable. They have really opened up to approving shortsales and committed to getting them done faster.

If you know of anyone who is having a difficult time making their payments and would like to find out whether they qualify for a shortsale, please send them my way.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a shortsale, don’t be afraid. The process is much better now..yes you have to wait but the horror stories of 6-8 months seem to be a thing of the past.

Read the KCM blog article below and call us. Whether buying for selling, we can answer all your questions.

Short Sales Will Increase Dramatically in 2012.

Have a wonderful day!

Lauren – Capital Asset Group


Wondering where homes sell the FASTEST? Today’s TOP !

10. Valiejo CA
9. Washington DC
8. Santa Cruz CA
7.Austin TX
6. Chico CA
5. Santa Rosa CA
4. Honolulu
3. San Francisco CA
2. San Jose CA
1. Midland TX
Any surpises there? (brought to you by zillow)

Everybody Calm Down The Market IS Recovering

This is a great article becasue it sites well informed housing economists..aka people in the know!


Everybody Calm Down The Market IS Recovering.

Rents On the Rise in Chicago!

Of course they are! With all the foreclosures and shortsales, no one can qualify for a mortgage so they are renting. Supply and demand folks!

So great time to buy an investment property..let us show you how to get $400-550/month cash flow in your bank account!

Rents On the Rise.

We don’t just talk about GOOD DEALS on real estate!

Usually we like to talk about all the great deals that you can get in real estate. We realize that can make us a little boring. Today we are changing it up just a bit, although GREAT DEALS is still the theme.
If you haven’t already subscribed to this site, you should…

Planit Kane

What we love about this site is it is LOCAL..Colonial, Old Town, Apple Villa..Groupon is great but this is where WE live!


Oh by the way, if you want to grab a coupon and go to lunch, we can still talk about the GREAT DEALS we can get you in real estate!


Kim, Lauren, Julee & Brenda..

We Have The HOT List!!

Granted, on the desk of every successful REO agent in town, there is a list of properties that have not hit the market yet. REO agents are generally assigned a territory, so the list will include properties in their respective areas. We have properties in Aurora, Bartlett, Batavia, Dundee, Elburn, Elgin, Geneva, Gilberts, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, South Elgin, St. Charles, Streamwood and West Chicago! At last count our list had about 76 properties that haven’t hit the market yet!

I can chat with you about the upcoming properties if you give me a call..many of them are still occupied and not ready to be the meantime here is a list of foreclosures in some of the the areas that we serve..if you have any questions about these properties or the process of purchasing a foreclosure, please give me a call..Lauren 630-301-8044


I’m Pretty Excited about this house!

This is a HUD home..and it’s really cute and in a really nice area of Aurora right by Aurora University. It is only 55,000!!

Not everyone can place bids on HUD homes but we can!

There are many different types of is what a HUD home is:  HUD is the parent agency of the FHA. The FHA is best known as an insurer of home  loans. When a borrower defaults on an FHA loan, the federal government pays the  lender the balance remaining on the defunct loan. HUD takes control of the  property and sells it, initially, at its appraised value. HUD Homes, according  to the HUD website, are one-to-four-unit constructions.

HUD’s sell at online “Auction” there are lot’s of rules, paperwork and dates to be mindful of. There is an initial selling period when the home is only open to owner occupants, only after that is the home available to investors.

We can help you find great deals on these HUD homes and educate you about the process.

Check out fo HUD listings all over the country and then call Capital Asset Group 630-384-9179 to get all the details.


Deal of the day!

Have you ever wanted to live on a lake?



FOR SALE in St. Charles, Geneva & Batavia:
Batavia – 6; Geneva – 13; STC 31 (19 of them are vacant land) Great deals as low as 44K – CALL ME TODAY 630-301-8044

To see today’s TOP deal click the link below – THEN CALL LAUREN TO SHOW (630)301-8044!

Homes for Sale

Congratulations to Capital Asset Group – Kim DeVincentis

Congratulations to Capital Asset Group (Kim DeVincentis) for being named one of Kane County’s Top Agents in the most recent issue of Chicago Agent Magazine.

See all of Kane County’s Top Producers

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